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Father's Day Gifts; Why are men so hard to buy for?

Sourcing that perfect Father's Day Gift

The men in my life fall into 2 categories; Those who are boring (yet easy) to buy for, and those who are impossible.

 Impossible because they have little desire for anything material, or what they want; or perceive they need - they just go ahead and purchase!

Men do not (and I am aware that I am in dangerous territory of generalising here), particularly yearn for the latest shoes, bags, jewellery, accessories like us women. Most women I know seem to have a mental checklist of things they are coveting. Women also accept beauty and spa products as a well-deserved treat and therefore a good fall-back gift for women can be your traditional “smellies”.

With Christmas, Birthdays and upcoming Father’s Day Gifts…the challenge is finding something that demonstrates that thought and care has been put into buying and sourcing that extra special gift, and that is stressful.

So the challenge is on and amplified greater than most years as many of us have not had much time to spend with Dad over the last year; and showing your love is of even greater importance. How do you find the ideal thing - what are the best gifts for dad?

I think with men, the key is to buy them something useful or interesting that they will either use everyday, or be chuffed as punch when the occasion arises that gives them the chance to get out that gift from a few years’ back and demonstrate its’ usefulness!

The men in my life who are hard to buy for, always actually have a secret mental list of items they quite fancy, yet do not see the immediate need or purpose for purchasing them….these make the perfect gifts.

This is why we have created Preposterous Penguin; to source products and produce amazing gift sets that you can have delivered directly to your Dad this Father’s Day.

We aim to take the hassle out of trawling the high street, or the internet to find that perfect present . We aim to curate for you thoughtful, quality Gift Boxes for Men, that really show you care…at Preposterous Penguin, we got you!