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Preposterous Penguin

"Happy Feet" Gift Box



Treat your feet with this fabulous set. Firstly use the Foot and Callus Peel to remove the dead skin from your tootsies, followed by a nourishing collagen treatment designed to hydrate your feet, before slipping them into the super soft Alpaca Bedsocks...a truly luxurious and snuggly treat! 

Foot & Callus Peel Mask

The BeautyPro Foot & Callus Peel is full of powerful ingredients including an advanced complex of 16 natural plant botanicals which work to gradually remove dead and rough skin over 7 days. The booties are perfect for prepping your feet for summer or if you simply need a more intense treatment to leave your feet feeling softer and revitalised.

The Foot & Callus Peel treatment works over 90 minutes so you can sit back and relax while the booties work their magic. The peeling may start the next day but typically takes a few days before you see the dead skin beginning to come away. The Salicylic and Glycolic Acid work to exfoliate and dissolve the dead skin cells while encouraging the generation of new cells and the vast assortment of natural fruit extracts will calm and hydrate the skin.


Salicylic Acid (BHA Complex) - dissolves skin debris that clogs pores
Glycolic Acid (AHA Complex) - exfoliates dead skin cells and speeds up generation of new, younger cells
Vitamin E - prevents the signs of ageing and calms the skin
Olive - rich in antioxidants
Lavender - soothes dry skin

Foot Therapy Collagen Infused Bootie with Removable Toe Tip

The BeautyPro Foot Therapy Booties are an innovative dual layered bootie with removable toe tips that will deeply nourish and hydrate the feet. If your feet are feeling dry, tired, and in need of an intense moisturising treatment then this is the perfect product for you.

The Foot Therapy Booties are enriched with Fruit Extracts, Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Marine Collagen to treat and rejuvenate your skin. The cooling Peppermint naturally cleanses the skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties to help reduce levels of bacteria that cause irritation.

Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) which targets certain protein bonds in the skin that keep dead skin cells clinging to the skin and leaving your feet feeling rough and dry. The Salicylic Acid in the Foot Therapy Booties dissolves the skin debris, leaving your feet feeling fresh and the skin ready for the moisturising ingredients to work their magic.

The booties are PETA approved and safe to use with natural nails and gel polish.


Argan Oil - anti-ageing and healing Shea Butter - provides relief to itchy and peeling skin
Marine Collagen - strengthens the skin for a smoother feel
Salicylic Acid (BHA Complex) - dissolves skin debris clings to the new healthy skin
Sweet Almond - treats dry skin and helps to balance the absorption of moisture
Peppermint - naturally cleanses the skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties

1 pair of Cream White Alpaca Bed Socks 

Anything but vanilla, these beautifully textured, sumptuous bed socks will bring a subtle contrast to your loungewear look.

Alpaca is a truly unique and sustainable fibre; it is one of the warmest, as well as the finest known to man. Its high quality wool creates elegant garments with superior performance in both cold as well as warm weather. These bed socks are the ultimate in luxury loungewear, yet are robust enough to be used in place of slippers.

Size M - UK 8- 10

"Happy Feet" Gift Box