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Preposterous Penguin

"Magic Mornings" Gift Box


Wake up and feel like magic is our hope with this great little gift set!

Featuring a Magic trash-panda tin mug (yes an actual raccoon magician!), 2 of the fab and handy Little Coffee Bags, 2 pairs of the wonderful bamboo socks from Slope & Town and an amazing bar of chocolate from Love Cocoa.

Set Contains:

Racoon Magician Enamel Mug

Enamel mug with black rim.

Hand finished in Germany and designed by Hanna Ligeti.

A metal mug that convinces at home and on a camping trip with its light weight and sturdiness.


Little Coffee Bags

Start your day without the grind, with these fab and handy individual coffee bags.

The Little Coffee Bag is designed to produce a cafetière style coffee made for one without the need for anything more than boiling water.


Colombian Single Origin 41% Milk Chocolate Bar


The finest single-origin chocolate from Colombia combined with lashings of creamy milk to give you a soft melting mix of suave flavours & rich aromas.

Slave Free

Free from Palm Oil

Single Origin

Plastic Free Packaging (compostable inner film)

🌱 This chocolate bar will plant one tree in Northern Cameroon!

*Contain Milk and Soya. Made on machinery that processes Tree Nuts 

Slopes & Town Socks

Your feet deserve some softness!  Knitted from the natural bamboo fibre they will give you the softest experience you feet ever had! 

Incredibly soft Moisture wicking Allows to stay cool in the heat and stay comfortably warm on colder days Odour resistant.

These socks are made with care using bamboo fibre and recycled plastic bottles polyester, processed with ReNEW recycling technology, which allows to use less resources (water, energy, etc.) than production of new polyester out of crude oil and, of course, helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste!  And bamboo can be grown without the use of pesticides, which together with other factors such as fast growing rate (provides the same volume as cotton from only 10% of the land area) and low water consumption makes it a sustainable raw material for textiles.

76% Natural Bamboo Viscose certified with OEKO-TEX 21% Recycled Bottles Polyester 3% Elastane

Set Includes: 1 x Mustard/ Blue Dots and 1 x Blue/ Turquoise Dots

Size UK 8 -12 (men)


"Magic Mornings" Gift Box