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Preposterous Penguin

"Mind, Body and Soul" - Matte Cloudy Quartz Gift Box


This "Mind, Body and Soul" - Matte Cloudy Quartz set is designed to support your mind, body and soul with amazing- scented natural homemade soap with a sisal bag to help exfoliate and renew your skin; a glass water bottle from Neon Kactus for a purer drinking experience, a wonderful gemstone bracelet from Jo Bird to promote energy; and a deck of Yoga poses for you to practice.


Set Includes

1 x Neon Kactus 'Forever Young' 550ml water bottle

High quality borosilicate glass
Food grade silicone sleeve & bamboo lid
Fully leakproof screw top lid
Lightweight and durable
All materials 100% recyclable & BPA free
Dishwasher safe

1 x Matte Cloudy Quartz gemstone bracelet

A form of crystal, Quartz is prized as the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition.

1 x 'Puns & Roses' Soap

This soap bar is approximately 100g of delicate rose scented, natural, hand crafted soap. 

Made with natural ingredients including olive oil and shea butter.

This bar looks, smells and feels spectacular to use, creating a gorgeous creamy lather on the skin. 

1 x Yoga Card Deck

Perfect your poses with our Yoga Deck.

52 cards in a pack, 52 weeks in a year. Try one new pose a week, for a year of yoga.




"Mind, Body and Soul" - Matte Cloudy Quartz Gift Box