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Spritz Wellness

Relax Atmosphere Mist 100ml



Relax Atmosphere Mist inspired by relaxing days by the seaside. Calming, soothing and relaxing atmosphere mist. A blend of four scents to de-stress the mind and body.

Key Elements: Aqua, Lavender, Ravensara, Chamomile, Bergamot

Lavender – Relaxing and calming scent. Steam distilled from flowering tops of French Lavender shrubs.

Ravensara – Cleansing and expansive scent, helps with breathing easier. Steam distilled from leaves and bark of Ravenara trees native to Madagascar.

Chamomile German – Soothing, relaxing, calming with a herby scent. Blue in color and steam distilled from the flowers and leaves.

Bergamot – Relaxing and fruity scent. Calming for the emotions. Expressed from the citru


Relax Atmosphere Mist 100ml